When do you start your Christmas crafting?

When is too early to start Christmas crafting?

If you send 60 Christmas cards a year and you make one a week, there aren’t enough weeks in a year, if your making your own Christmas tree decorations like me you are bound to need a couple of months, then there’s the hand made gifts, are you making candles or jewellery this year? With so many options to indulge in making Christmas projects there’s no time like the present to get started, it helps us spread the cost, obviously, gives us time to practice new techniques, who doesn’t like trying something new, craft without guilt, good for the soul, have multiple projects on the go at once, legitimately, oh and don’t forget build up a stash if we sell our crafting makes, and make a few pennies.

You’ll see our 2024 Christmas collection launching over the next few weeks! I hope you’ll love them as much as me!

I rest my case sorry it’s a short blog I’ve got Christmas projects to start 😂


Two Red Robins Christmas Crooners

In The Studio Seasonal Snuggles

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  1. jenny hamer
    jenny hamer says:

    I started mine at the begining June.I am lucky enough to sell my cards at our local working mens club each week ,.I have been there approx 15 years and have free reign to make what I like with the orders I take.I dont charge for my time but make enough to cover my costs and I usually have a bit of money left for charity.I sellmy xmas cards in 4×7 format and in packs of five,and sell quite a lot hence starting early.

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