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Today I talked to Amanda about writing blog posts, we planned three for the next few days. It’s rather exciting when you see what she’s going to write. We get the chance to talk about our next festival, a class that’s already filmed that you can actually join and make the project and the final one about preparing for doing filming with our lovely Andrew. We will be bringing you even more blogs and sneak peeks behind the scene, so if you want to keep up with all the latest information – keep checking back often. Also, it would be really lovely if you could send your requests as to what you might like to see on the blogs! Be it more behind the scenes tours, step by step instructions or even recipes!

I mentioned Andrew earlier. For those of you that don’t know Andrew.  Andrew is our Producer/ Director for all the tutorials and videos we do here at Highlight. He lives upstairs in what I like to think of as a cubby hole, but actually to be fair – it is a rather smart office with some very up-to-date IT.  Andrew is the voice in our ears so his amazing IT allows him to talk to us through our ear pieces when we are filming in our Highlight Crafts TV studio. He also has two gorgeous puppies who like to come to work with their dad!

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