My happy place – painting and teaching others to paint

On the days that I get the opportunity to sit and just paint I feel so blessed to be in my happy place. I often wonder what Crafting means to everybody out there and whether everybody else finds the solace and peace that I do. Being able to teach feels hugely rewarding especially when it is painting. Many of the people I get the privilege to teach to paint open the first sentence that they greet me with, “I’m not a painter” or “I can’t do it” – that is music to my ears because I didn’t qualify as an artist, or have serious formal training, I was taught technique.

I, more than anyone, believe anybody can. It takes good quality product, materials and equipment, good quality education and a patient tutor to make all of these things come together but with time, perseverance and practice I truly believe everybody can find their creative soul.
The pain of the practicing, the frustration of the failures, but the elation of the successes, make all of it worthwhile and imagine the pleasure when you share your newfound skill with family and friends and they ask “where did you buy that from?”  of course you will only reply with real modesty… I did it! ; )
Let me teach you…

Click here to see our range of Painting Perfection videos!

Tune is to our Facebook Page Tuesday 26th March at 12.30pm where we will be sharing painting with watercolour tips and techniques live.
And see more from the Painting Perfection range on Create & Craft, Thursday 28th March from 6pm.

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  1. lesleyjane.brown
    lesleyjane.brown says:

    Bought watercolour sets at NEC and have also purchased hybrid acrylics so just beginning my journey. I am very impatient learner and always want to run hopefully this craft will slow me down . Do find it relaxing though. I’m normally a sewer and embroidery primarily

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