I meant to post this blog the weekend of the party but somehow all the preparation and tidying up afterwards took over and then it was off to Turkey for a week of work so it’s a little late.
But I wanted to share my stepmum‘s birthday cake with you. Karl made a Victoria sandwich and I filled the middle with strawberry jam and buttercream made using icing sugar,  butter and a little cream cheese. I do like a lot of filling, there’s nothing worse than a cake thats all crumbs and no cream. The next step was to ice the cake with fondant icing and leave it for at least two days for the icing to go firm.  Sealing the cake inside the fondant keeps the cake lovely and fresh and beautifully moist. To decorate the top the lovely Melanie Heaton created the topper on the Scan and Cut and I attached two trimmed  barbecue sticks to the back of the topper to support it. Before I placed the topper and the candles on the top of the cake I wanted to paint the top with some of Carol‘s favourite flowers,  poppies.
It’s surprisingly easy and incredibly quick to paint on top of icing. Of course there are a few simple hygiene rules that need to be followed. Firstly your brushes must be new or only  previously used with food stuff, secondly any colour must be edible so my choice is to use edible varnish which is a liquid and powdered food colours or icing colours. The technique is very simply dip the brush into the varnish so it is damp then dip the corner of the brush into the first colour and then the other corner of the brush into the other colour stroke it gently backwards and forwards on a piece of clingfilm or tinfoil and then paint as you would as if you’ve just used acrylic paints on your chosen surface.
You do need to work quite quickly and also from time to time wipe the brush down and I use rubbing alcohol to clean it because it does pick up some of the sugar from the icing and can  become sticky. The results are pretty spectacular especially when you consider how quick it is to do. Family and friends  at the party thought the cake had been stencilled and were amazed that it took longer to paint than to bake.

As a family we always say at celebrations we must do this again soon but somehow every day life gets in the way of us all getting together unless it’s a big event. I don’t know where this year has gone or is going,  it’s passing so quickly so maybe it’s time to pause for a moment get the diary out and arrange a date for us all to get together just because. Happy memories are so precious we really cannot ever make enough of them I hope you agree.