1st day back in the office, and lots to do!

Today is my 1st day back in the office after the Easter holidays. Well, I’ve actually had a little bit longer than these the holidays, so I’ve had a really good break. But I’m now really looking forward to our upcoming shows and all the fun stuff that we’ve got happening here at Highlight HQ.

We have some super exciting things happening. We have our fabulous Garden Party Festival. That is happening very, very soon and I am helping get everything ready for the different classes. As you can see in some of the pictures, we’ve got some beautiful projects from making a rose, painting birdhouses, creating fabric bunting and even candle making. We are all super excited. I’ve been organising what we need for each project doing lists and making sure that the warehouse has got everything that they need to be able to pull the stock, so we’re super organised and we have everything for the projects along with also getting ready to go to Exeter for the Craft 4 Crafters exhibition that’s coming up Thursday 4th April. So again, lots of fun stuff happening and things to be looking forward to here at Highlight HQ.

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