1 Month To Make A Quilt

I first started learning how to sew over 8 years ago now. I stuck to the easier, simple things at first, bunting and cushion covers being the main items I made. I then gave myself the challenge to make a quilt. I did the patchwork bit within a week, but then it must have took me at least a year to do the actual quilting part because it terrified me! My patchwork looked so nice and I’d never quilted before and I was scared of getting it wrong and messing it up. And that is what happened. I got it wrong many times! I can’t even remember how many times I had to unpick the stitching and try again. I could never figure out what I was doing wrong. Then I would loose faith in it and leave it for a few of weeks before I would come back to it. But, I was patient and persevered and in the end I finished the quilt and I was so proud of myself! After finishing the quilt, I never really used it for anything, it was more just a practise project than one for a purpose, but it definitely gave me the confidence to make other quilts which I did as gifts for friends and family.

Fast forward to present day, and the quilt now has a purpose! I now use it as my lap blanket in my craft room as I’m always cold! My 5 year old daughter paid particular attention to it the other week and was asking me all about the quilt. What is it? Where did it come? Who made it? When I told her I made it, she asked the all important question….Can I have one mummy?

I thought about just giving her that quilt, but that would have been the easy thing to do! I’ve not done a lot of sewing since my second child was born and I saw this as a good opportunity to push myself into doing a new project, plus my quilt doesn’t match her bedroom decor! And things need to match! So with her 6th Birthday coming up in a month’s time, I have set myself the task of creating her, her own quilt to give her as a birthday present!

The fabric is bought, 160 patchwork squares are cut, I best get started!

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