Bank Holiday Monday

I’ve been promising to write a blog post for months now but as words don’t come easily to me, whereas pictures do I’m not sure just pictures tell the whole story so I’m going to be relying on a fabulous team to correct my grammar spelling and English. I’m sat looking out of the window on a rainy bank holiday Monday with my paints by my side ready to paint some new scenes.

While I’ve got my cadence ready I’m also looking into the garden at what could do with a makeover. There are certainly a few pieces that would benefit from a lick of paint including Karl’s gin bar an old traveler’s caravan. We bought it after the Appleby fair years ago. It’s had a new roof but apparently needs some serious renovation. More than a lick of paint.

Just as I type a little Robin has settled on one of the garden chairs he looks like he is eating the biggest worm that I have seen, actually he’s not eating it he’s just getting a better grip because he’s now flown off with it still in his beak. I don’t know whether you’ve ever noticed but robins fly very low to the ground especially in gardens when they are looking for food. They can fly between 100-200 miles a day. That’s a lot of miles for such a small bird. I love we have them nesting. The photo is from a year ago I’m not sure they are even robins eggs but perhaps you might know?

The heron visited yesterday morning but the ravens who live in the church tower chased him off before he could have his breakfast. Seems like they are as territorial as the little robins.

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